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Lancaster Pool League

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Lancaster Pool League

Lancaster County has an exceptional amount of pool players and many are very highly skilled for being on an amateur level.  Leagues have helped promote pool for  the past 4 decades.  It is a great way to learn the game and also a fantastic way to meet and interact with new people and make friends.  Most leagues are designed to accommodate players of all skill levels and offer a handicap system which helps level the playing field in regular competition.  Each league tends to have its own set of rules and unique formats of play.  From playing a number of sets, to round robin, or playing individual games to add up for the team win. Riverside Camping Association is pleased to provide so many outlets and opportunities to play the game.  Contact one of the league reps for more information on how you can join a league today!

Lancaster County 8 Ball

Lancaster County 8 Ball League has been providing quality team 8-Ball competition since being founded in 1971. It is our mission to promote pool and billiards in the Lancaster area. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to offer a very friendly player based league that provides the competitiveness that will improve everyone’s skill level. We also hold local tournaments throughout the year as well as a benefit tournament every February to raise donations for local charities. League play is on Thursday nights from September to May.

Jack Bylerly Annual Tournament

The tournament is held in honor of Jack Byerly and Harry Hutchison who were the founders of the Lancaster County 8ball League.  Competition is high and any amateur player may enter.  Surrounding this event are tournaments for the under 8 division (players must be in the Lancaster 8 ball league), a women only event , and a mixed scotch doubles tournament.  Over the years this has raised money for a local non-profit, CASA, based here in Lancaster. There are many raffles for great prizes and 50 -50 drawings during the course of the 4 days of the tournament weekend.

APA League

The American Poolplayers Association (APA) was founded in 1981 by professional pool players Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart. The APA conducts a system of franchised-based local amateur leagues of pool (pocket billiards) competition, including both eight-ball and nine-ball, with a unified APA ruleset. The organization hosts regional tournaments and the winners of which qualify for the annual APA international tournament played in  Las Vegas, Nevada.  APA is one of the longest running amateur pool leagues in America.  There are many teams based here in Lancaster County.

Tournament of Champions

Starting in September up to 32 players can enter the bi-weekly Sunday tournament. There are 16 competitions during the season. The races are short (usually first to 2 or 3 games). A point system is also used for this series and players are credited for each time they enter a weekly tournament and are also given additional points for how well the player placed that day. At the end of the season, winners of the weekly tournaments and those with the highest points are entered into the championship round.  A maximum of 16 players are eligible. Riverside Camping association hosts this series.

Lancaster Tap League

The concept for this league was on the drawing board as early as 1989, with the hopes of becoming the best pool league for amateur players. TAP is now proudly serving tens of thousands of members every week, throughout the United States and Canada. Sometimes called the “Players League”, while others say they are the “Rolls Royce League”. The founders say they are the league of sportsmanship, the league for the present and future generations. Not the biggest, but the best. The league with a vision for you “The Player”!

Lancaster APA (Monday) Josh Benjamin 717-538-0866

Lancaster TAP  (Monday & Tuesday) – JR Barron 717-314-1384

Lancaster County Amateur LCA (Wednesday) –  Dianne Schiffer

Lancaster County 8 Ball (Thursday) – Tiny Murray 717-587-6869

Lancaster Tournament of Champions (Sunday) – Lisa B 717-471-0114

Jack Bylerly Annual Tournament (February) – JR Barron 717-314-1384

Be cool, play pool!