Riverside Camping Association

Membership Information

Membership & Benefits

Members of the Riverside Camping Association enjoy the full benefits of the club space.  Great drinks and food all at considerably lower prices than private establishments.  Being a private club, the members enjoy the privacy and safety of a secure place to enjoy their free time.  Most importantly member build close friendships with other members of the club and the staff.  Riverside Camping Association also holds many special events throughout the year.  Easter events for kids, our annual summer party for members, Halloween parties for both adults and children, Crab Feast, Christmas Party and a great New Year’s Eve event.  We also feature live bands every weekend throughout the year.  There is no cover charge for members.   We also have 3 pool tables, long board, dart boards, & shuffle alley.

Members of the club also work together to help maintain the club grounds, participate in charitable events, and help organize and set up special events.  Many of the members come from a long line of family who have belonged to the club for many years.


Social Member

As a social member of Riverside Camping Association, members have full access to the club space.  Food, fun, and enjoyment all in the security of a private club.  They can attend all club functions and parties.  Each social member may sign in up to 3 guests.  To become a social member you must be sponsored by a Regular or Lifetime member of the club during the time when membership becomes open.  Cost to apply is $60 plus $10 for the access card.  The voting body decides in February whether to open membership or to keep it closed.

Regular Member

A regular member is also known as an Active Member of the Riverside Camping Association.  These members have voting privileges, can open the door for guests, and are able to attend club meetings.  Regular members can also run for office at the club.  To become a regular member, you need to be a social member for 2 years and in good standing.  Then be sponsored by a current Active Member.  The voting body will then vote on proposed members and those that receive a majority of votes will become regular members.  This typically happens in May of each calendar year.

Lifetime Member

Lifetime members enjoy the privilege of free membership for life.  Lifetime members are voting members and are eligible to run for office at the club.  These are active members who have been a regular member for at least 10 years and are 60 years of age or older.  Many life members have other family members in the club and becoming a life member is quite an honor here at Riverside Camping Association.